In the estate Los Cerrillos, in the Valle del Guadiana and under the shadow of the Castle of Peñarroya, the Montalvo Wilmot family pampers each strain of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah to produce wines following an ancient tradition that starts with the viticulture done when Los Cerrillos was a Dignity center of the Great Priory of St John of Jerusalem.

The winery Montalvo Wilmot is an amazing symbiosis of tradition and modernity elements from La Mancha and Bordeaux keeping the best of both regions recognized for the quality of their wines.

Our very old and renovated cellar, that comes from the old times of the Great Order of St. John of Jerusalem, pursues innovation in the wine industry, where quality is our main goal, assembling perfectly tradition and technology. It indeed reflects our effort and consistency, not only through the very positive reviews appeared in journals and ritics by renowned tasters, but also by the long list of awards received in many prestigious international competitions.


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We are in the Valle del Guadiana and under the shadow of the Castle of Peñarroya

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We have numerous awards


We have achieved a perfect assembly of tradition and technology


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